This is a system that will generate 10kw of power. Squarefootage is an estimate and total power needed should be considered above the squarefootage of your home. $39.99 deposit is refundable.


All products are tier 1, top shelf panels and racking which means they are the highest quality components in the industry and come with a 25 year warranty.

LARGE - 10KW - $25,000

  • This is product to have us professionally install a solar system at your house. Power needed should be determined by your last 12 months of energy usage. However, you will be scheduled to talk with one of our designers over the phone to go over your specific project and answer any questions you may have.

  • Our onyx option is for homeowners who are looking for the sleekest and cleanest system on the market. The panels are black which means you will not see each individual cell outlined in steel which gives the system a lower profile when looking at the system from the street. All racks are black which allows them to blend in with the system and the existing roof better.