This is a 4kw sized system. Squarefootage is an estimate and total power needed should be considered above the squarefootage of your home. $39.99 deposit is refundable.


All products are tier 1, top shelf panels and racking which means they are the highest quality components in the industry and come with a 25 year warranty.

SMALL - 4KW - $7,000

  • This is product to install a solar system at your home. Power needed should be determined by your last 12 months of energy usage. However, you will be scheduled to talk with one of our designers over the phone to go over your specific project and answer any questions you may have. All of our packages include panels, racks, and inverters. Does not include wiring, breakers, site plan sets and required permits because those are job specific. This price does not include us installing the system. It is expected that you will install the system or have the system installed. If you would like us to install the system please call us at (916) 872-1959